• Sweaty (shared) Cricket Box

    If you’ve ever played cricket then it more than likely means that you were born and brought up in a country belonging to the Commonwealth.

    Cricket is fab. But it can also be very dangerous.  You have to stand up to a very hard small leather (composite-filled) ball that is thrown at you at speeds of up to 100mph. If it hits you it hurts. Really hurts. See these incidents below (an advert for beer!)

    So of course you are well protected. Professional cricket players have pads to cover the whole of the leg, rib protection, arm pads, special gloves, a helmet, as well as extra thigh pads and reinforced steel toe caps in their boots.

    cricket-boxBut obviously the most important area to protect is the crown jewels. If you are a professional player (or, for that matter, you play regularly in an any kind of self-respecting team) then you have your own box (see photo) and your own jockstrap to put it in.

    But when you are learning the cricket trade at school, there are no jockstraps and a maximum of 2 boxes for the entire team. Share and share alike, there is no choice.
    Photo credits : Owzat Cricket – cricket equipment

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    April 5th, 2009fellathat's gotta hurt

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  1. You’ll be glad to know that the boxes destined for this year’s challenge cup trophy event championship will at least be be washed prior to the event. Its even worse to share these things with bollox from previous years (and the lovely bacteria that have made that skankiness their home in the meantime…)

  2. [...] As for adults, wearing protective gear is recommended for the American version of football, because you can even attack other players when they don’t have possession of the ball. However the best part of the game is the cheerleaders, they’re pretty hot. I therefore recommend a different kind of protection, used no doubt by some US players but essential in cricket – a box or protective cup. These protect against other people viewing your over-reaction to the cheerleaders. Just make sure they’re not sweaty. [...]

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